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Phone: 02 8035 4445 Transcription Services Australia | Starting at $1/Min AUD


At Triple A Transcription Services, we provide exactly what you need in a transcription service:

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Standard rate of $1.20 per audio minute of clear audio, with one to two speakers and a 24-36 hour turnaround time.

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An Easy 4 Step Process

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    Enter Customer Details For Return Of Your Transcript & Upload Audio File

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    We Will Transcribe The Audio Within The Given Turnaround Time

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    Make Payment

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    Receive your Transcript


Academic, Business, General, Interview, Medical Transcription Services & Many More

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Best Pricing

At Triple A Transcription we are committed to providing the very best pricing on the market without compromising on quality. We ensure our transcription services rates are transparent – check it all out via our Rates page. Our professional team of transcribers can transcribe your audio or video in a number of formats and fields of transcription.Academic, Business, General, Medical and Interview just to name a few allat an affordable rate.

We understand that pricing plays a crucial role in your decision-making process. That’s why we strive to offer competitive rates per hour without compromising on the quality of our best online transcription services in Australia. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that you receive excellent value for your investment. Whether you have a small project or a large audio volume to transcribe, we provide cost-effective transcripts services tailored to your budget.

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Accurate Transcripts

We hire highly skilled transcribers from around the globe to cater to various client needs. All transcripts are proof read and client ready, in order to ensure our clients’ expectations are met in terms of accuracy, reliability and professionalism. This secures our position among the best online transcription companies in Australia. We provide accurate and quick turnaround transcripts in a variety of fields,Academic, Business, General, Interview transcription services & Medical transcription services in Australia. We pride ourselves as being among the best companies in Australia in terms of professionalism and high quality of work.

We are proud to be one of the best transcription companies in Australia. Our team of highly skilled transcribers, sourced from around the globe, is dedicated to meeting your diverse transcription needs. With meticulous proofreading and attention to detail, we deliver client-ready transcripts that embody accuracy, reliability, and professionalism.

As one of the leading audio transcription companies, we offer quick turnaround times and cater to various fields, including student academic, business, general, interviews, and medical transcription services. Our online transcribers ensure the highest work quality, making us your go-to transcription service in Australia. Trust Accurate Transcripts for exceptional transcripts services that exceed your expectations.

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Quick Turn Around

Having provided online transcription services in Australia for as long as we have, we recognize how important it is to have your work completed in an efficient manner. We also realize that many people are professionals and are under strict timeframes to turn around their work. As such, we have designed a streamlined system whereby transcripts are generally returned to you within 24 to 36 hours of your submission. Our skilled team of transcribers are here to make sure all work is delivered on time and of the upmost quality, whether it is the Academic transcription services, Business transcription services, General transcription services, Interview transcription services & Medical transcription services.

At Triple A Transcription, we understand the importance of timely delivery when it comes to audio transcription. As one of Australia’s best online transcription companies, we pride ourselves on our efficient and streamlined process. Our skilled online transcribers are dedicated to providing you with the best transcription services available.

Whether you require academic transcription services, business transcription services, general transcription services, interview transcription services, or medical transcription services, we have got you covered. We are the go-to transcription service in Australia, known for our quick turnaround and top-quality transcripts.

Choose Triple A Transcription for all your transcription needs and experience the professionalism and expertise that sets us apart from other transcription companies.

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Easy and Simple Process

We want your experience with Triple A Transcription to be as smooth and easy as possible, this is why we have provided an easy four step process to return your transcripts to you with no fuss. Please check out the process via our How It Works page. We have best of breed talent with varied specialization & in-depth know how of the specific niches to offer various online transcription services in Australia.

At Triple A Transcription, we understand the importance of a seamless and hassle-free experience for our valued clients. That’s why we have streamlined our four-step process, ensuring that you receive top-notch transcripts with ease. Visit our How It Works page to discover the simplicity of our approach.

As one of Australia’s best online transcription companies, we take pride in our team of skilled transcribers who possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in various niches. Trust us to deliver exceptional transcription services tailored to your needs. Whether you must transcribe Australia services or transcription service Australia, Triple A Transcription is your go-to solution for accurate and reliable transcripts.

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General Business
  • General Business
  • Conference calls
  • Dictation notes
  • Business meetings
  • Focus groups
  • Keynote address
  • Insurance
  • Interviews
  • Market research
  • Secretarial
  • Video conference
  • Voicemail
  • Webcasts
  • Webinars
Media Industry
  • Interviews
  • Post production
  • Reality TV
  • Podcasts
  • Video captions
Academic / Non-profit
  • Thesis notes
  • Dissertation
  • Lectures
  • Speeches
  • Student notes
  • Interviews
  • Grants
  • Seminars
  • Sermons
  • Research
  • Oral history
  • Online Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Medical Transcription
  • Academic Transcription

Triple A Transcription has emerged as one of Australia’s leading and reliable business transcription companies. We have a team of dedicated and experienced professional transcriptionists in our team and deliver quick turnarounds. We believe in fostering long-term business relationships, and thus we value the transcripts’ quality, accuracy, and on-time delivery. We assure you of accurate transcription services every time you hire us. We understand the significance of audio transcription projects and thus focus on offering the best and most professional transcription services with integrity.

All our professional transcriptionists are particular and extremely proud of the work they do. They adeptly transcribe audio and convert it within the stipulated time frame at competitive rates per hour. We leverage the power of specialized transcription software, a premium quality headset, and a foot pedal to manoeuvre through the recorded files. Of course, no two assignments can be the same, but we are always upfront in working meticulously around the clock to deliver the best transcripts in Australia.

We have a successful and wide client base that includes different professionals as well as businesses from the medical industry, interview transcription, student transcription and more. They have been using our services in Sydney and many other places across Australia for years now.  We are proud to collaborate with our esteemed clients throughout the journey and delighted to help them cater to their business requirements. Attention to detail and quick delivery of online transcripts make us one of Australia’s leading names for online transcription services.

Please feel free to connect with our team to discuss your requirements, and we assure you of a quick response with a super exciting quote for the best transcription services like never before.

Triple A Transcription is one of Australia’s biggest names for online interview transcription services. We cater our service to universities, solicitors, research institutions, private investigators, HR companies, etc. We have a successful and proven track record of completing innumerable transcriptions in Sydney and other parts of the country in an accurate, professional, and timely manner.

We are experienced in offering interview transcription services in different formats. Some common formats that we usually work on are:

  • Podcast and radio interview
  • Student research
  • University research interview
  • Police investigation interviews
  • Market research interviews for business owners and CEOs
  • One-on-one interview transcription
  • Insurance fraud investigators
  • Transcription of speeches, panels, and keynote speakers combined with Q&A sessions
  • Telephone interview transcription
  • Market research interviews

One important factor that sets us apart is maintaining a strict policy for confidentiality for the transcripts we are working with. We deal with our client’s valuable data and other information carefully and sensibly. There is no question of compromising the details, and we adhere to the strict confidentiality agreement.

We usually negotiate the completion of interview transcripts at the start of the project. But in case our clients need urgent or same-day turnaround time, we also cater to them. Irrespective of the turnaround time, format, size, or other requirements, we deliver the best results and excellent and high-quality interview transcription services across Australia. Our charges or hourly rates are also very competitive compared to others in the industry.

You can contact our professional team and share your details to get Australia’s best online interview transcription service.

As one of the leading medical transcription companies in Australia, the competitive outsourced model assists all our clients by achieving bottom-line documentation cost-savings related to document and transcription delivery. It is also complimented with a boost in overall organizational productivity through an integrated transcription document management solution managed electronically.

Triple A Transcription offers tailored, secure and affordable rater-per-hour outsourced medical transcription services exclusively to the healthcare industry across Australia. Our transcription services meet the requirements of individuals through 24/7 secure access to letters and incredible customer support, be it a student, medical professional or any other industry all across Australia.

We understand that all the transcribed documents travel through different network lines, and thus we secure them using cutting-edge encryption and security processes. The system includes data encryption 128-bit/SSL, audit trails, passwords, and confidentiality agreements backed up with anti-virus checks. We have made our platform HIPAA compliant, and we constantly monitor the safety aspects of all the transcripts.

Tripe A Transcription offers Australian medical transcription services online to a wide range of medical organizations, including health clinics, hospitals, specialists, and General Physicians. We aim to increase reporting precision and compliance with our best audio medical transcription services in Australia.

We completely understand the fact that medical transcription is a specialist field. Thus, we ensure that all our projects are completed by professionals with relevant experience in this field so that you get accurate and quality correspondence and reports. We conduct intensive training so that our staff remains conversant with all the medical terminologies, pathology, and drugs that deliver the highest quality in every document of transcripts.

Tripe A Transcription offers accurate and professionally-transcribed research academic transcription services to a bigger community of students, researchers, professors, and authors in Australia and even in the global community related to academics. We have great expertise in offering high-quality transcription services related to lectures, academic interviews, seminars, dissertations, and thesis at a competitive rate per hour.

We also deliver services for essays, interviews, academic presentations, white papers, speeches, journal articles, and more. We have a trained and dedicated workforce with proficiency in modern software for academic transcription. We enable the academic community to remain connected with actual research work and help them to focus more on academics.

We ensure that the researchers focus on post-research analysis crucial to summarising, referencing, and concluding months of research. We also aim to streamline academic research by saving a considerable amount of time with our quality transcripts and ensuring the release of the research papers within the stipulated time.

Our range of academic interview transcription includes –

  • Group discussions
  • Research transcription
  • Academic interview transcription
  • Thesis transcription
  • Lecture transcription
  • Conference transcription
  • Transcription of focus group studios
  • Dissertation transcription
  • One-on-One interview transcriptions

We also offer transcription quotes for the students as well as academicians so that they can apply for funding grants. All the academic transcription services are strictly confidential, and all the backup files are removed from our database after a certain time to ensure no data leakage.

You will get competitive pricing, and there’s no fixed volume required for the work. You will also have the advantage of working with a team of professional transcribers with expertise in cutting-edge transcription software.